28 May – Spock’s Annual Voyage Around the Sun Trail

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Meetup: 3:00
Pack Away: 3:30
Hash Cash: $5
Hare: Spock
Location: Private Home at 5820 Monrovia St, Shawnee, KS 66216

Calling all Halfminds!

You’re invited to participate in Spocky’s 28th Annual Voyage around the Sun!
Trail will start at my home planet, loop out around the solar system, and back just in time for the cookout! Phasers will be set to grill!

Stick around long enough, and I’ll get the movie theater set up for a Super Special Screening of Buzz Cut- The Hasher Slasher Flick!

Presence over Presents, bring something for the cookout! I’ll have some beer and drinks, bring your own if you like

25 May Wine Nerd Trail

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Turns out, May 25 is both National Wine Day and Geek Pride Day, so let’s dress as nerds and enjoy the fruit of the vine!

Meetup: 6 p.m.
Pack Away: 6:30
Hash Cash: $5
Hare: Sampler
Location: Freight House Parking Lot 101 W 22nd St, Kansas City, MO 64108
Distance: 3ish miles

Dress as a geek/nerd. Expect wine, beer, Jell-O shots, and Shenanigans!

21 May Eco Trail

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Meetup: 2:00
Pack Away: 2:30
Hash Cash: $5
Hare: Eco-Dildo
Location: Parking Lot by The Levee 16 W 43rd St, Kansas City, MO 64111You will need to enter from Main rather than 43rd. Check back for updates – because … construction …

18 May Bloody Wednesday

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Join Bloodsport on an epic adventure!
Meet at Mount Marty park! Seminary St & S Hill St, Kansas City, KS 66103
Meetup at 6pm
Pack away at 6:30
Hash cash $5
Shiggy is possible.
Dog-friendly if your dog is friendly

14 May Farewell to Nacho Trail

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Meetup: 2:00

Pack Away: 2:30

Hash Cash: $5

Location: Blue River Parkway Trails – Lydia Ave Trail Head near this address: 1308 E 118th St, Kansas City, MO 64131


Walk, jog, r*n, and give a fond farewell to Nacho who is moving to Iowa!

You will probably get muddy and wet, you should get drunk, and if Nacho Nuts reads this, he should expect to be in flour at the end of circle. and maybe cheese.

Bring: 5 bux, shiggy socks, extra shoes/socks, waterproof phone case might not be a bad idea.

Shiggy: Please Sir, may I have another?

Ticks: Don’t Panic, bring your towel and you’ll be fine.

T. U. R. D. friendly: yes

On after: Martin City Brewing