29 December 2018 Canadian Hash

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Hares: FrankenTitties / Pretty Woman
Location: D’Barb Bar and Grill
Address: 11129 N Oak Trafficway, Kansas City, MO 64155
Circle Up: 2:00pm
Hares Away: 2:15pm
Pack away: 2:30pm
Hash Cash: $5
Pretty Woman and Frankentitties will hare the last hash of the year and it will be in Canada, eh? Well, up near where PW lives.
Get your favorite Canadian gear ready.

ALSO: IF for some reason the bar isn’t available, we’ll move circle to a house about a block away. Keep an eye open in case it changes.
Map: https://www.google.com/maps?q=11129+N+Oak+Trafficway%2C+Kansas+City%2C+MO+64155

15 December 2018 Hashmas

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HARES: Odor Eater and I Is EZ
Meetup: 4pm / Santa trail 4:30pm
No hash cash necessary

Put on your UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER or most festive attire for Hashmas and White Elephant Gift Exchange @ Casa EZ Odor. Beer provided by KCH3. Otherwise bring your favorite beverage. Bring a snack to share. Be ready for a Santa trail (not quite a fat boy, but probably less than a mile). If you wish to participate in White Elephant gift exchange, bring a cheap wrapped present. Crash space is available. Adult diapers encouraged.

OH YEAH…be a good wanker this year and KCH3 Santa just may have a present for you! State you’re going so the elves have a chance to order enough.

8 December 2018 12 Down-Downs of Hashmas

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Hare: MammWich

6 tributes are making down downs.

When we get to a down down stop the first person there with a down down will set up the down down.

Santa Hat encouraged.
Hash Cash: $5
Location: Hy-Vee on 64th Street 5330 NW 64th Street, Parkville, MO 64151
There will be Circle beer.

May the odds ever be in your favor!

2:00 Meetup

2:30 Pack Away

Prepare your livers!

1 December 2018 Not for the Weak or Fainthearted Trail

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Hares: Trolling for Trolls
Location: near 85th, Kansas City, MO 64154
Coordinates: 39.247535,-94.617310
Address: 8559 N line creek parkway, KC
Circle Up: 2:00 pm
Hares Away: 2:15 pm
Pack away: 2:30 pm
Hash Cash: $5

Trail starts at the entrance of LineCreek park near Primrose retirement community center:
8559 N line creek parkway, KC

Length: 4-5 miles
Shiggy: YES!

On-after: Brewtop

Map llink: https://goo.gl/maps/ZbHUd8jpf2v