2 March 2019 Tumbling Dice Trail

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Where: Kelly’s Westport Inn
500 Westport Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64111
When: 2:00pm
First Dice Throw: 2:15pm
Hares away: 2:20pm
Pack away: 2:30pm

No hash cash but bring money if the hares take you to a bar. Also be ready to be a hare if you roll poorly.

23 February 2019 Blood in Your Urine Trail

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Hare(s): Bloodsport F***Monkey / Urine TroubleMeet up: 2:00Hare Away: 2:45Pack Away: 3:00pmLocation: ILoveKickboxing – Overland Park, KSAddress: 6912 W 135th Street, Overland Park, Kansas 66223Hash Cash: $5 – second time virgins always free!Why: cause we’re not happy ’til you’re happy. Oh, and beer!

Safety third! Don’t forget your whistle.
This one will be a little bit different.
Trail will start with a half hour kickboxing class from Bloodsport.
Don’t worry – we have plenty of loaner gloves! Plan on sweating a bit.
Plenty of shenanigans on trail.
A to A.Trail length – 4ish miles.
Shiggy level – 2.

Map: https://www.google.com/maps?q=6912+W+135th+Street%2C+Overland+Park%2C+Kansas+66223

19 February 2019 Snow Moon DP (No Hash)

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Hares: Frankentittles / Teenage Circle Jerk
Location: Dirty Bird in Raytown
Address: 6600 Blue Ridge Blvd, Raytown, MO 64133
Pre-lube at the bar!

Due to the incoming snow, last minute change for tonight. You can still naked hash if you want, but we’ll change this into a Drinking Practice for tonight. Same place – the Dirty Bird. Come for a drink after work and then get home safely!

16 February 2019 Onesie Hash

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Hares: Two Wall Bangers
Location: Peanut Downtown
Address: 418 W 9th St, Kansas City, MO 64105
Circle up: 2:00pm
Hares away: 2:30pm
Hash cash: 5$
It’s a onesie trail! Perfect for dressing up warm and still looking fashionable.