6 July 2020 Hashing Return From Quarantitties

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Bring a Mask. Beer and sanitizer provided.
Hoist and Moist & Shits Twice and Gags will be your Hares

When: this Saturday
Where: Kansas City Museum 3218 Gladstone Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri 64123
Meeting in a giant grassy area on the Northwest corner lot across from the Museum. (Think Cliff Drive) On WALROND (one way street)
Why: Beer
Who: All Hashers and Virgins!
What: Our first hash back after Quarantine from the stupid virus. Around….4 miles or less. Half the trail will be shaded!


KCH3 will be providing our kennel with trusty arm bands to denote your comfort level with distancing and interaction. These will be used for the rest of summer so make sure to keep them handy….more details to cum on these levels of comfort. But this will require a heavier request from our kennel to be very aware and respect the consent of our wankers.

Safety is usually third, but for the time going forth, it actually will be a bit higher on your list…

We will have sanitizer, Lysol wipes for surfaces and all beer near to sanitizer your own bevvie and most importantly BEER BEER BEER!
(***You can choose to BYOB if you don’t feel comfortable taking from the hash cooler)

You will see some new marks and will be required in half of the trail to go single file.

BRING a MASK or Face covering. We will not provide if you forget! We ask that masks be worn before and after trail. Masks on trail are NOT required as temps will be in the 80s.

SuGgEsTed items to bring for your own safety: SUNSCREEN, Bug Spray, Hat to cover your cranium, Shiggy clothes, shoes with a bit more grip

Shiggy will be present
TURDs (Pupperonis) not suggested, but we did have one when we were scouting. So it’s ultimately up to you….

We don’t have a theme – Just want to see all your butts! (I’d say faces, but they will only be your eyes and foreheads) 😷

Oh and it’s PRIDE month, so if you wanna jazz it up… feel free to sport your favorite PRIDE GEAR (heels and capes not suggested)