18 December 2021 Canada Strikes Back Trail

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“There Will Be Blood”

Meetup: 2:00 pm
Pack Away: 2:30
Hash Cash: $5
Hares: Pretty Woman, Just Jody, and Franken Titties
Location: N Platte Purchase Dr. & NW 100 St, Kansas City, MO 64154

Come join us for Canada in a new location. Trail will be about 3 miles with thorns, brambles, and bones with a mix of shiggy and playgrounds.

Trail is in the N. Platte Purchase Park – a fun little area that has a great walking trail. Too bad we’ll be in the shiggy. Just be mindful of the trees and plants as they don’t want you there. You shouldn’t bleed too much if you watch where you run.

There is a walking trail; you can follow the beer wagon but the Moose will be watching.