9 February Rock On Full Moon Trail

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Are you ready to get ROCK HARD? Because you are about to get your faces rocked off!

Cum as your favorite rock star, or as your favorite rock/mineral! You will be exploring a unique area of Kansas City’s geological history while rocking out! Music on trail highly encouraged!

Meet up:1800
Chalk talk/Hares away: 1820
Hounds away:1830
Hash Cash: $5

What to expect: Darkness/Need for cranium lamps, MUD, WATER, more super awesome rock puns, shots, beer, titties, hating being tall, getting to start your sin list early since you went to church earlier, fossils, moongazing,

Hardness Factor: 7/10, or, quartz
Dog Friendly: oh yeah.

KC Firefighters Memorial 4000-4038 E 87th St, Kansas City, MO 64132