7 October Teal Town Trail

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Meet up: 3:00
Pack Away: 3:30
Location: To be updated later this week but out by the Legends in Kansas City, KS.
Hares: Black to the Cooter & Two Wall Bangers
On-After: Tailgating in Blue Lot 2 or White Lot at Childrens Mercy Park. Lick Van Fecal is making Clam Chowder and Two Wall Bangers is making Grilled Ham and Cheese. If you have any tailgate snacks you want to bring please add it to the comments.

This is the last home game of the season for KC Current. On-After is us Tailgating. If you want to go to the match it’s on your own dime so buy yourself a GA ticket. There will be some Hamms & Clams inspiration for tailgate and trail; if you know you know.

Theme: Teal Town / KC Baby!

If you are going to the match please read deets online regarding what can be brought in as there are restrictions such as any bag/tote has to be clear and under a certain size.