5 October 2019 BarK Trail

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This is a T.U.R.D. (tethered urban running dogs) trail!

On-after will be at Bar K to ensure those puppers & doggos will be extra tuckered out.

Never been to Bar K? Don’t have a dog of your own but love creeping on other hooman’s pets? Well you’re in luck because there will be so many dogs! All.The.Dogs.

Entrance fee for your dog at Bar K is $10. Entrance for hoomans is FREE. There is a full restaurant and multiple bars inside the dog park.

Don’t love dogs as much as the rest of us? (there’s definitely something wrong with you if that’s the case) No worries- dogs are NOT allowed inside the restaurant and several of the outdoor spaces so you can avoid all the furballs (but seriously, why would you want to??).

Location: Bar K parking lot
Hares: Hoist N Moist
Meetup: 2pm
Pack Away: 2:30pm
Hash cash: $5
On-after: Bar K (FREE entry for humans; $10 for dogs)