5 Dec 2020 12 Down-Downs of Hashmas

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You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning!

Join Bloodsport FuckMonkey and Dickin’ Donuts to celebrate the 12 Down Downs of Christmas and Bloodsport’s 26th birthday!

Masks will be required as I do not want the flu nor COVID.
Vessels REQUIRED and we will not be sharing drinks.

11 a.m. Meet up
Chalk talk 11:20
On-out 11:30am.
10800 Blue River Rd, Kansas City, MO 64131
Hash cash $5 (unless you are designated to bring a shot)
There will also be beer and water

Trail will be shiggy and dog-friendly.
So far we have:
2 shots from Dickin’ and Blood
2 shots from Sampler
1 shot from Sow Cow
1 shot from Frank n Tittays
1 shot from Squirting KC
1 shot from HoMo
1 shot from Buzz
1 shot from Whorey
1 shot from STAG