4/20 Trail of Beers

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This year you get to choose your own adventure, and your own hare!

**Decide your own fate as you select your hare and follow the correct color of chalk on a marked path, checking for fallacious trails laid down by half-baked hares, guiding you on a peaceful journey through the woods**

Cum join Buzz Light Queer and Frankentitties on a journey through the green.

Meet up: 1120 am (Franken forgot it will be 4:20 in Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, and west Africa)
Hares away: 1150-ish
Pack away: Who knows?
Distance: 4.2069 miles (no more, no less)

Where: entrance of Swope Park Trails near 4040 Oldham Rd (corner of Oldham rd and Oakwood Rd)

TURD friendly! But beware of potential mountain bikers

5 Dolla make you holla

Might be some green, will definitely be some golden. BYOW if you want more than provided on trail