31 August 2019 10th Anal-versary Trail

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Guess what? We been hitched for 10 years! So, cum dressed in your finest wedding attire! Always a bridesmaid? Now is your chance to be a bride! Never been tied down? Dress as lots of money! Who the fuck cares?! Wear a ball and chain, get creative!

Start: Raytown Skatepark, at East 79th and Raytown Road

What to expect: mud, water, wedding vows and photos, champagne, being tied to one person for a while, a cave, beer, titties, dicks, wine, being to drunk to consummate your marriage, being married so long you forget to have sex for a few weeks sometimes. It happens.

Bring cash for a bar stop!

Dog friendly except for the bar.

On After: Stumbles Bar, 9315 E State Rte 350, Raytown, MO 64133