30 Nov 2020 Beaver Moon Trail

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Santa Fe Trace Park Trail near the intersection of E 121st St and Charlotte St. Kansas City, Missouri 64146

Try putting this plus code into Google Maps: WC58+5H
or this: https://goo.gl/maps/Z725sQ2CEopcLKPj8

Guess what? It’s a full Beaver Moon!

I know you all love beaver, so come dressed in your favorite fur! It’s going to be cold (probably) so break out that mink, beaver, fox, OR faux fur!
Fir also ok if you want to be coniferous.

Meet up: 1800
Pack away: 1830
Hash Cash: $5

What to expect: beer, darkness, mud, water. probably some boobs or wieners.
Shiggy: 4-7 (you won’t die).
T.U.R.D friendly!