29 May 2021 Whistles Trail

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Hare: Whistles While He Jerks
Hash Cash: $5
Meetup @ 1:58pm
Hare(s) away: Sometime after 1:58pm
Pack away: 2:30ish

Start location: 1607 NE 62nd Ter, Kansas City, MO 64118

TURD friendly: Yes provided yours gets along with mine.
What to bring: Virgins, Vessels, Virgins, Stuff for On-After, Virgins, New shoes, Virgins, IDs, Virgins, Masks, a Signed permission slip, and Virgins

On-After: If the weather is decent we’ll have a fire in the back yard. There’s also a BBQ for anyone who wants to grill. Bring stuff to share. On after beer/dranks are not provided so bring your own