26 June Ladies’ Hash Event: Mimosa Mile

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Mimosa Mile with gimmes and more while celebrating I is EZ, Chihuahua and Chap Bitch’s 50-60-70 Birthdays
Date: June 26, 2022
Time 10:30am
Location: Krister Park
11707 E 75th street
Raytown MO
Each participant will be provided a bottle of bubbly, juice, and a vessel. At the start, they will consume the contents of the vessel and then begin their first lap. Once they complete their first lap they will consume another vessel and repeat until the course has been completed (1 mile) AND the bottle of champagne & juice have been consumed. A leaderboard will be maintained based on final times. The Birthday Girls reserve the right to modify slightly and award penalties.
Boy toys (BYOB) are welcome to come and cheer us on. The more the merrier!