24 November 2018 Family Friendly Trail in St Joseph

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Gather the family for 3 miles of fun! You can run, jog, or walk. The trail is designed to get us all there at the same time. So walkers will go 3 miles or less while runners will have an extra mile or more.

Meet at 2:00 at the main parking lot at Hyde Park (between the pool and Hyde Park Avenue).

$5 per adult and older child, $3 per child under 10. This covers beer, shots, soft drinks, and treats. Please RSVP (about 20 people have already confirmed their attendance).!

There will be hills and Shiggy (wilderness) that you can bypass by taking the Turkey side of a Turkey-Eagle split. This will make the trail challenging but stroller/dog/bad knee friendly.

Wear running shoes and dress in layers if it’s cold.

The Hash House Harriers is a huge international “Drinking Club with a Running Problem.” We call ourselves “Hashers” and what we do “Hashing.” The name derives from the expression “Hash House,” which means divey restaurant/bar (where Hashers often meet) and “Harrier,” which comes from a British schoolhouse game called “Hare and Hounds” where the “Hare” lays a trail by dropping scraps of paper, and everyone else chases after, following the scraps.
At least as important as the trail, is the social aspect of Hashing.

The social draw is the unique way Hashers interact with one another. Regular hashers are given a Hash name and wear Hash attire “on trail,” so there is an element of classlessness and anonymity. This allows Hashers to participate as equals and dispense with “political correctness.”

There is always beer and other beverages on trail. We consume it before “On-out,” at Beer Stops along trail, and at “Circle” after trail where we make accusations and sing songs.