24 February 2024 Day of a Full Moon Trail

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Join Frankentitties and Drunkly DoRight on a Full Moon Trail in daylight!
Meet up: Noble Park at 73rd and Indiana Ave, or pretty close to that.

Time: 1400
Chalk Talk:1415
On Out: 1431
T.U.R.D. Friendly: Yes, but could have a dicey spot or two so it depends on the dog. Hall Monitor did it.

What to bring: extra shoes and socks, maybe clothes. whistle.
What to expect: shiggy (mostly 3-4/10, a few 5-6/10 spots), muddy, pavement, trains, high spots, low spots, wet spots. Beer, nips, full moons.

On After: Governer Stumpy’s https://www.governorstumpys.com/
They have a patio.

On On!