23 October World Peace Through Beer Swill Team Mashup

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World Peace Through Beer is an Annual Hash Tradition. This year we are pairing it with an opportunity to join the “Swill Team.”

You are welcome to enjoy trail without participating in Swill Team (details below).

Meetup: 2 p.m.
Pack Away: 2:30
Hash Cash: $5
Location: Tiffany Springs Softball Fields in Mark L. McHenry Park at NW 88th Street & N Hampton Road KCMO 64153 – (NOT the Tiffany Springs Sports Complex on N Congress and Old Tiffany Springs Rd.)

For those interested in participating in the Swill Team portion of this trail, there are some special considerations to take into account. We are working on getting patches for those who complete the trail, they are getting shipped from Korea, so we may not have them by the 23rd.

  1. Swill Team is being run in addition to the regular trail with additional goals to complete the trail.
  2. Swill Team is 100% optional. Some of the basic rules are listed below.
    Basic Rules:
    o All participants must bring ammo (a six-pack of beer) on the trail.
    o There are six shotgun stops on the trail; participants must shotgun a beer per stop.
    o All empties must be returned to circle at the end of the trail.
    Below are ways to get disqualified from a mission:
    o Came early – accidentally skipping marks and not going back to find them before on-in
    o Walking dead – getting caught casually walking during a mission
    o No proof – not showing proof of completion (6 empty cans)
    o Dishonorable discharge – vomiting in circle
    Below are ways to get disqualified and lose rank for RR:
    o Blue falcon – get caught not carrying your own pack
    o Cease fire – get caught intentional skipping a check and/or pouring ammunition (beer) any place other than your mouth