23 April Captain Planet Earth Day

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Earth! Air! Water! Fire! Heart!

Come help out the Earth and drink beer while cleaning up trash! Get rewarded with a trail and a wonderful view afterward!Awards will be given, costumes will be worn, Earth will be pleased!

Hash cash is usually $5 but you will be asked if you would like to kick in a higher amount to provide choice bevvies, and a donation to “Hashers Not Trashers.”

Trash bags, trash picker-uppers, gloves, safety vests, other PPE will be PROVIDED. Trash bags will be picked up by Jackson County.

This is organized by Franken and Fistney Steers (if you want to help in a specific manner, let one of us know).

Location: Eddy Ballentine Trail – 7762-8428 Blue River Rd, Kansas City, MO
Give a hoot, don’t pollute.