22 October – Hasher, I NEED A HASHER / An In-Memoriam Trail

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A trail to celebrate F#*k My Mom, nerd name Ike Hill, a recently departed KCH3 hasher exploring the on-afterlife with Gispert. Friends of FMM who’ve never hashed are welcome as well.

Date: Saturday Oct 22

Meetup: 2:30p / Pack away 3pm

Hash Cash: $5

Hares: I Is EZ and Odor Eater

A to A trail starting at 2204 N. 88th St, KCK3.69 miles with urban shiggy, a shot stop, and a bar stop, wrapping up with a circle/on-after at Case de EZ Odor (same address). If you have stories or pictures to share of FMM, please bring or post here and we’ll share as part of circle/on-after. We may end up chipping in to buy pizza or other food for the on-after.

Weather should be beautiful and we’ll have our fire pits going strong…a perfect moment to enjoy each others company, acquire a good thirst, and persuade each other we’re not as old as we feel!