22 May 2021 Spock’s Birthday/Housewarming Trail

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Cum join Spock Blocked and Dropped it for the 1589th running of the Kansas City Hash House Harriers!

8 months ago, young Spock decided to buy a house in the middle of a pandemic, hoping that this day would come to pass.

Combination Trail, Housewarming, and Birthday party Event!

Start 2:00pm.
Circle up around 2:30
Pack away at 2:35
Hash Cash $5
5820 Monrovia St, Shawnee, KS 66216

We’ll be off on a r*n around the town, have some beers, and head(!) back to house after a couple hours

Length: 3.6969
Trail is dog friendly, probably not at the party, though. Shiggy: 1
Safety third! Don’t forget your mask, and whistle

Once trail is over, I’d like to invite everybody to my house for a cookout! I’ll have yard games a plenty and the grill hot, (maybe a cold tub to dip in too!)

Bring some beer, bring a side
I’ll be making hot dergs and hamburgers and chicken (and a cake!). I’d like your presence, not presents, but I wouldn’t say too something to stock the bar with if you’re so inclined