22 July Hashmas in July

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Pack Away: 11:30 am
Hash Cash: $5
Hares: Eco Dildo & Two Wall Bangers
Location: Wyandotte County Lake @ Wyco East Trailhead near Shelter 9.

Starting early to beat the heat, have a picnic after circle, and maybe get wet. There will be charcoal and a grill. BYO: Meat or whatever you want to eat/share and drink after we are done with trail.

Expect to sing some Hashmas songs and for those that want to get into the spirit doing so while dressed as Santa, Mrs. Clause, elf, reindeer, snowman, women’s underwear (see Christmas song lyrics), Tutu, or whatever floats your boat.

Speaking of boats this will be at a lake! If you have paddle board, kayak, floatation devices or anything you want to put in the lake in addition to your body you should plan according and pack it. There will be plenty of time after trail to play. You need a permit to put anything in the lake so look into that for yourself.