15 Oct Road Trip to St. Joseph Psychiatric Museum

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Work out some carpools and enjoy a day-trip adventure (consider wearing a Halloween costume)!

Hash Cash $5
Museum Cost $7

Detailed Itinerary (feel free to join at any point):

*10:45 Arrive at Glore Psychiatric Museum – 3406 Frederick Ave, St Joseph, MO 64506 (Hash Beer will be available starting at 10:30)

*11:00 Private Museum Tour

*12:00 (or whenever the tour ends) grab a beer in the parking lot and Hash 1 mile to Crumbly Burger (optional food purchase) – 2701 Frederick Ave, St Joseph, MO 64506
-Bring the food .3 miles to enjoy it with Hash Beer at 1030 Crestview Lane, St. Joseph, MO 64506

*1:00 Post-lunch trail starts at 1030 Crestview Lane. Street parking is available in front of the house if you want to drive from the museum or do trail without the museum
-Circle will be at the museum parking lot (trail will take you back to your car if you didn’t park at the museum)

Trail will be 4ish miles with 69% light shiggy.

Dogs welcome on trail but not at the museum.