12 Oct 2019 KCH3 Invades Larryville Red Dress

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KCH3 encourages all to INVADE Larryville’s RDR! (and the following day is KCH3 Chiefs Tailgate – works perfect!) Below are details from their event page:

Let the redemption begin! LH3 is putting on another glorious RDR with the proceeds going to the Fairy Godmother Fund of Douglas County. So grab your fanciest red dress and lace those sh*tty sneakers and let’s run around Lawrence!

When: Oct 12, 2019

Rego form:

Price: 25$

Please consider donating extra to the ECM when you fill out your rego form. They are graciously hosting us this year!

Full schedule will be posted soon.

Rego now. Rego tomorrow. This event is open to all hashers and muggles. PayPal monies to Laci Wright at ldw4686@gmail.com.