11 January 2020 Shiggy Trail

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‘Twas the day before the playoffs, and all through the Chiefdom, the groundskeepers and media crews were preparing the stadium.

When, out of nowhere, a pack of hashers gathered in Parking Lot L for some debauchery and trail.

The hare, Once Over Easy, promises the eagles plenty of shiggy and the turkeys may get a little twiggy.

It may be colder than a witch’s tit, but the half-minds don’t care ’cause they’re all pretty lit.

Note from OOE: Feel free to sport your team colors.

Location: Arrowhead Stadium Parking Lot L (if we can’t park INSIDE the lot, we’ll meet OUTSIDE the lot along Blue Ridge Cutoff)

Meet at 1:30 pm (new time)

Hare away: 2:00ish

On After: Somewhere to watch the 49ers vs. Vikings