10 December – 12 Down-Downs of Hashmas

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It’s that time of year again when we celebrate the 12 Down-Downs of Hashmas.

Meet up: 4:00 pm
Hare away: 4:30
Hash cash: $5
Bring a vessel, but cups will be on hand just in case.

Festivities will be held in the Thousand Oaks neighborhood in Parkville. Park near 15025 NW 66th St, Parkville, MO 64152

12 Wankers will provide shots for us to drink along a Christmas-lit neighborhood stroll. At each stop, we will drink one shot and sing one verse of the wildly inappropriate Hasher version of the 12 Days of Hashmas – any questions?

Should I wear warm, festive attire? YES
Should I plan on getting a ride so I don’t drink and drive? YES
Do I have to drink all the shots? NO Do I have to drink any of them? NO
Do I have to know the words to the song? NO
Do I have to sing it even if I know the words? NO
What if I’m offended by loud shot drinking walkers and lewd song lyrics? Go to the mall instead

Expect cold weather, warm booze, and an overall shi*ty time!