1 July Sadistic Masochist Birthday Trail

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Because Rhythm and Booze is not open yet, we are at Rochester brewing just down Washington

Meetup: 2:00, Rhythm and Booze
423 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108
Pack Away: 2:30
Hash Cash: $5
Hares: 3M and Solo Sex Rex
On-After Up Down 110 Southwest Blvd

Bring money, ID, and a happy birthday bi*ch mindset.

This weekend is her birthday weekend too, so all bets are off. Be prepared to submit to Multiple-Marathon-Masochist’s domination, while having a lot of fun. Don’t get lost, or you could miss a drink stop and that’s only minor punishment from her that day.

Margarita and assorted drink crawl, and party favors included. On After at Up Down for more drinks and the video games she played back in the day.