1 August 2018 Tumblin’ Dice Wednesday Trail

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Hares: TBD by Tumblin’ Dice
Location: Paul and Jack’s Tavern 1808 Clay St. North Kansas City, MO 64116
Circle up: 6:00pm
Hares away: 6:30pm

As no one volunteered, and we’ve been wanting a Tumblin’ Dice trail, let’s do a Wednesday night tumblin’ dice trail in a part of town we’ve not done before. North KC has a lot of microbreweries and traditional pubs and a lot of urban roads. Let’s see if we can make Tumblin’ Dice work there.

For those of you who have not done a Tumblin’ Dice trail before, everyone rolls some dice. The two lowest dice rolls now become the hares. They will live lay a course – hopefully to a good beer stop where we roll again and the next lowest rolls are the new hares. Repeat a few times and we have a tumblin’ dice trail. Traditionally those stops are at bars so bring some money if the hares for that leg decide to take us to one.

Watch this space for more info – I’m going to check with the NKC bars tomorrow and see if they are happy with a few half-minds showing up during happy hour.