22 February: 02222022 Great Twosday Trail

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First – a Neverending Whory: A Great Twosday is a Tuesday that takes place on a Tuesday where the numbers in the date are either 0 or 2.

Sounds like they’d happen all the time right? Nope

They happen just four times a millennium, and only in the First and Third!

Next Tuesday will be the last Great Twosday till 02/02/2202, and Whory wants to celebrate it with awesome people!!

Meet up at 6:30PM
Pack away at 7:15PM
Hash Cash $5
Location: Sidestreet Bar – 413 E 33rd St, Kansas City, MO 64109
Hare: Neverending Whory

Turds? TBD
Shiggy? Nope!
Distance? Long enough to have a champagne stop or two.
Mistakes? Unavoidable.
On-After at Sidestreet.