Who’s cummin


“Invasion of Gaea!”
When: June 2 thru 4, 2017
Where: Camp Gaea Retreat Center, 25110 235th St, McLouth, KS 66054

Cost of priceless debauchery: Only $69 (includes swag which is a KCH3 Glowing Viking Helmet)
One day pass is $40 (swag not guaranteed)

Tell me about this shit show: It’s the annual KCH3 Campout, and we’re returning to Camp Gaea! Three days of multiple trails, beer, food, bonfires, live entertainment, random naked people, ghastly stories, and much more. Shower house walking distance from the camp site. Pitch your tent and enjoy the festivities!

Where the hell is this happening? Address is above. Shit Show Central takes place at the Main Pavilion.

Here’s a Google Map link to the Pavilion:

Here’s a pdf link of the campgrounds:

What the hell is going on?

• The Pavilion will be available anytime starting around noon. Drop by to register.
• 5pm’ish – Dinner
• Sundown – SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS TRAIL (Hared by “The Bitches”)
• Directly after Circle – Live music by Blindfolded Hero (fronted by KCH3’s Ew I Pooped!)
• Bonfire and a shit ton of beer

• Bagels and Coffee Breakfast
• Ladies of Pearl Necklace H3 haring a MORNING MIMOSA TRAIL
• Circle, drink more, random activities (giant Jenga, screw, etc)
• Lunch
• MAIN TRAIL – Hared by Lick Van Fecal and co-hare TBD
• Circle followed by more random activities
• Dinner
• 30 minutes after sundown – GLOW TRAIL hared by Odor Eater (Wear your swag!)
• Directly after circle – DJ Odor Eater making your backside shake
• Sometime late that night – NAKED TRAIL hared by Ew I Pooped!

• Breakfast
• HANGOVER CIRCLE – Forgot what happened the night before? No worries, we’ll help you recall those blank spots.
• Pack your shit and go home. And make plans to see us next campout!

Who’s cummin

Hashname                                  Kennel
Cum on ride this train              Indyscent H3
Fast Chug                                   KCH3
Chihuahua                                  KCH3
Three Hole Punch                     KCH3
John Kimballs                           KCH3
Claim to Flame                         Big Hump H3
Chap Bitch                                PNH3
TrAInWreCK                              Bell Scott H3
I Kant Even Adult                     KCH3
Lucy                                           St Louis H3
Two Wall Bangers                   KCH3
Lick Van Fecal                         KCH3
Tonya Hardon                          KCH3
Cocksuckin Cousin Lover      KCH3
Sweaty Hot Lips                      PNH3
Pussybility                                KCH3
Mammwich                              KCH3
Hardley In Her Twat                YBR H3
PMS                                           KCH3
Sand Angel                               KCH3
F’Orgy                                      KCH3
Dances With Walls                  KCH3
Eiffel Plow Her                        KCH3
Humping Iron                          CoMoTIONH3
You Uncumfortable Yet?       KCH3
Shattered Sexpectations       Larryville
Sampler                                    KCH3
Sow Cow Me Maybe              KCH3
Odor Eater                               KCH3
Bitch Dicther                           KCH3
USSR                                       CoMotion
Nurse Hashshit                     KCH3/Big Hump H3
Naked rider                            Kch3
Weiner folds                          Kch3
Holed the Male                      KCH3
Extenze for Menz                  Kansas City HHH
Ewww I Pooped                     KCH3
VladiMare Pootin’                  Larryville H3
Ass Bleacher                          KCH3 (Saturday Only)
VAJJ                                        KCH3 (Saturday Only)
Greg LooseAnus                    Big Hump H3
Hoot Are You                          Neil Goodman H3
Solo Sex Rex                           KCH3

Pay Here (Friends and Family)